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As a special help for 2019, this PDF will give some information about Medicare and You! Click to open and read, or save it to your computer for reference later.

We always want to keep you updated with the latest information so be sure to check back frequently. Feel free to call us with your questions about plans, current enrollment dates, benefits etc.

Some of these publications are from previous years and yet give helpful, basic information. When making decisions, please be sure to ask Nancy about your current year, plan, and about any chnages you wish to make. (Some of these PDFs are large files and may take a minute to download. CLICK HERE if you need Acrobat Reader for your computer system.)

Adobe PDF IconMedicare and You - The official government handbook with important information about Medicare costs and coverage.

Adobe PDF IconChoosing a Medigap Plan - The official government guide to what a Medigap plan is and what it covers.

Adobe PDF IconWelcome to Medicare booklet – The official government guide that you receive when you are eligible for Medicare.

Adobe PDF IconMedicare: Who Pays First – The official government guide to how Medicare works with other insurance plans you may have.

Adobe PDF IconYearly Medicare Enrollment Review – Tips from the government on questions to ask as you review your Medicare coverage.

Adobe PDF IconUnderstanding Medicare Enrollment Periods - This tip sheet from the government explains more about enrollment in the different parts of Medicare, including who can sign up, when you can sign up, and how the timing can affect your costs.

Adobe PDF IconGenworth Cost of Care Survey - This booklet provides the cost of long term care across the U.S. to help Americans plan appropriately for the potential cost of long term care.

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